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The 2022 Annual General Meeting

Notice of AGM: The 2022 Annual General Meeting will take place on 27th November 2022 at 12:30.

This years AGM will be held at the boathouse.

Members are encouraged to attend to hear how the club has performed over the last twelve months and how the club is moving forwards. The agenda and the proposed revised subscriptions strategy has been emailed out to members.

Please email if you would like a copy.


Item 11 of the agenda requires that the committee officers be elected or re-elected. A list of the committee positions is displayed on the notice board in the club house. Any full member wishing to fill the positions should add their name to the list and it will be voted on if 'seconded' by a full member. 


Anyone wishing to assist in the running of the club is encouraged to approach a member of the committee and make their willingness to assist in any of the positions known. 


1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

2. Matters Arising

3. Club Captain’s Report

4. Men’s Captain’s Report

5. Women’s Captain’s Report

6. Junior Section Report

7. Treasurer’s Report

8. Safety Officer’s Report

9. Membership Secretary’s Report

10. Hull University Report

11. Election of Officers

12. Update of Doncaster Rowing Club subscriptions

 13. AOB

This is your Club which is run by Members for Members so your vote and input are important.

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