Coronavirus Update 17.05.20

Dear club members,

Following additional clarification from the UK Government on the use of shared facilities and equipment, British Rowing has updated its guidance regarding affiliated clubs.


Given further clarification of the UK Government’s advice, British Rowing have advised that Affiliated Clubs may, if they wish/are able to, allow members to use club/shared boats (in addition to private boats) from their facilities subject to:

  • having a club plan in place to support safe access to and use of equipment (e.g. boats/blades). This must follow all relevant Government guidance including hygiene and social distancing; and,

  • continuing to follow all relevant UK Government and/or waterway authority restrictions

The following has been put together in agreement with the committee in line with current government guidance and guidance published by British Rowing (13.05.20):

Doncaster Rowing Club will attempt to open on a trial basis using restricted/controlled opening times, subject to:

Government Lockdown Restrictions (as they are continually changing)

British Rowing Guidance (as it is continually changing)


Following a meeting of the committee on 17.05.20 we have decided that we will during the coming week, put in place :

(a)  Adjusted Risk Assessments , to cover COVID-19 and a change relating to non use of launches.

(b)  Assess safety aspects of the club, bearing in mind the limited use of equipment and the limited use of the boathouse.

(c)  Put up necessary covid 19 posters, social distancing notices.

(d)  Commence making sure that the boats that will possibly be needed are in working order.

(e)  Start a programme of cleaning, to make sure that the areas of the boathouse that will be in use are cleaned.

( f)  Access as best we can, hand sanitisers to be used on entry and exit from the boathouse.

(g)  Organise a rota, so that times will be allocated, for members to be allowed to use the club for 'on the water' training.

(h)  Arrange for keys to be available, if needed for access to the compound and the boathouse. Please  be aware that padlocks, door handles etc will need to be cleaned down on entry and exit


The above will be put in place with a view to opening the boathouse, with the following restrictions:

Those who wish to scull must be :

Wet skills level 3 or 4 or,  competent adults, no juniors.

Only singles or family doubles may be used.

Groups must consist of 3, so either 3 singles, or 1 (family) double and 1 single.

Larger family groups that are living together may all be down at one time,  no two groups will mix.

Social distancing rules must be adhered to at all times.

Safety conditions on the water for both days will be monitored, by the Club Safety Advisor. Should conditions not be acceptable then as per our usual club rules there would be no outings.

Times will be allocated. You will be able to specify a day. We aim to trail this approach currently at weekends only (commencing Sat 23.05.20 and Sun 24.05.20). Specific times cannot be requested, you will be allocated the next available time slot on the day requested (90 minutes)

Bookings can be made by emailing Adrian Pogmore -

Please state the day you wish to row on and also if you would prefer a morning or afternoon slot.

The 'Rowing Slots' timetable can be accessed from the Home Page menu at the top of this page. This is available to DRC website members only.


If you are a member already you can also access it here: Rowing Slots

If you are not already a member you can Sign Up using the icon in the top right of this page.


The 'Rowing Slots' timetable is also published on each sections Whatsapp Group.

Allocated times will include for getting the boats onto and off the water, and for cleaning boats and blades (with soap and water)

Punctuality is key to this working, you will be expected to turn up to the boathouse already changed and ready to row. Do not encroach on the next members allocated time.

Cleaning boats and blades: Please bring sponges/cloths and soap, and take with you when you leave, that way we do not leave sponges and cloths for others etc

Consider when you are cleaning equipment that the riggers, gates, sax boards, canvas, bow ball are all parts of the boat which we handle whilst getting boats on to and off the water and back onto the racks.


Should there be a problem with the boat and you expect the boat to be repaired, it needs to be clean, no cross contamination.

Toilet facilities downstairs will be available, no changing rooms will be available.

Access to training facilities upstairs is not available


We are prepared to implement the above and have said that we will put the Rota in place for next Saturday and Sunday the 23rd and 24th May 2020.  To trial whether this will work.  What we need from you is your co-operation, to adhere to the above, and hopefully make this the start of our return to rowing. 




Carol McGlone

Club Captain

Doncaster Rowing Club

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