Coronavirus Update 07.08.20

Dear club members,

Please make sure that if you are feeling unwell, you do not attend the club, and if you are showing symptoms of Coronavirus you take the necessary precautions, and again do not attend at the club.

Recently your management committee met to discuss British Rowing’s latest guidance, (version 5) and how we can move the club forward in line with current British Rowing and Government guidelines.


The latest guidance from British Rowing is available here:


DRC rules on mixed household doubles or pairs

In line with British Rowing guidance from Tues 4th August members will be able to row in mixed household doubles or pairs. Adult members will need to decide (or not) to pair up with someone to form a 'double bubble' with.


Once this partnership is formed, this will be the only person that you double with. If either person is not available then the other person may single but cannot double with someone else.

As adults you make this decision without any input from DRC, therefore this is your own responsibility.

Sessions are to be booked in the same way by text or email to Adrian from Monday each week. It is also advisable to state which boat you require. Please remember all boats carry a specific weight and choose appropriately.

A strict cleaning of equipment before and after use is still required.

British Rowing advise that face coverings are optional, and also suggest that warm ups are done together, not individually, so that "social distancing"rules can be adhered to.


During the outing there should be no 'shouting' to each other to mimimise excessive vapour droplets.


Once back at the landing stage normal distancing rules apply. If members want to then use face covering that is their choice.


DRC rules on mixed household quads and fours

The use of 4x- , 4x+ and 4+ could be underway from roughly the 15th August.

We propose this could occur by putting 2 'double bubbles' together. Again, no mixing and matching, if any 1 person is not available then the remaining 3 will need to 1x or 2x and 1x.

Putting someone else in just to fill the space or swapping to have different bubbles will not be allowed.



We are in the process of charging and cleaning all the club cox boxes.These will be allocated to individuals who cox, for them to use (and not share).

Coxes will need to use a face guard (again not for sharing)  as well as a face mask and gloves.#

Much of the PPE is already available. The PPE for the cox is not just for their own protection, is also protects the stroke.



Gym facilities

The gym is in the process of being prepared/cleaned and will hopefully open soon. This will be booked in (1- and 1/2-hour slots) via Adrian. There will be a maximum of 12 people and a minimum of 3. per session.

Equipment (ERGS/BIKES/MATS ETC) will be set in place and should not be moved.

All equipment will need to be cleaned before and after use, including bars, weights, clips etc. Cleaning materials will be available at each of the cleaning stations.

A section of the gym has equipment that is not to be used, this will be marked accordingly.


The changing rooms will remain closed, so, as with water sessions, please come changed.


Additional measures to help increase safetly 

We have purchased some thermometers for use at the boathouse, one will be kept upstairs, and one downstairs. 

It is important to remember that when sessions are booked, the details are kept for tracing and notification purposes. This is why we have sessions on certain days and times. We will extend the use of club facilities in line with British Rowing and Government guidance and also review how well the measures we have put in place to help return to rowing safely

Please do not alter who attends a session, without first clearing this with Adrian.


Much of the above is relevant for the whole club, but our responsibilities as far as the juniors are concerned are different, we are looking at what safety checks we need to put in place for them, to be able to "double bubble" etc., this will probably entail a meeting with the parents and juniors.  Adrian, Adam and Carol will be meeting to discuss.



Extending our opening days

It was agreed that, the club will extend our opening days for rowing, to include Monday ,Wednesday and Friday, this will be from Tuesday 11th August (to allow time to organise the additional schedules). This will be on the same basis that we are currently using, Sessions must be booked through Adrian, via text or email, from the Monday of each week.

Not only does the booking facility enable us to keep track and trace records, it also ensures that there should always be a key holder available, and with some singles and with the doubles, it should mean that these will not be double booked.

We still have any singles down as groups of 3 for our junior members for safety reasons.  Should we find that our adult members go out in singles as smaller groups, it is at their own risk.

The key holder is the person who usually makes sure that all those within each group is safely off the water before the group leave the compound.





Bookings can be made by emailing Adrian Pogmore -

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