South Yorkshire Head  2020

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SYH 2020 Winners:

Held under British Rowing’s Rules of Racing and Rowsafe
Sponsored by City of Sheffield Rowing Club and Doncaster Rowing Club


Saturday 8th February 2020

Entries close at 3:00pm on Saturday, 1st February 2020

All events are raced upstream over a 4000m course on the River Don, boating from Hexthorpe Park, Doncaster.  Easy access from A1, M1 and M18.

  • Division 1: 09:30 am.

  • Division 2: 12:15 pm.

  • Division 3: 15:00 pm.

Events are offered in the following categories, for open, women, mixed, juniors and adaptive competitors

Masters rowers will be categorized by age class, and, at discretion of organisers, may be grouped by class into an event using the handicap system. No account will be taken of ranking points within each class.

Prizes will be awarded to the fastest crews only, where 2 or more crews race in a particular event category.

The draw will take place on Sunday, 2nd February 2020 in Sheffield.
Pennants will be awarded to the fastest men’s and women’s crews (Head of the River)
Crystal glass tankards will be awarded to all winners.

Entries and Entry Fees:

Entries to be made through the BROE2 system. Entry may be suspended before close of entries in one or more divisions should they exceed capacity.

NOTE! Events may be banded for prizes dependant on entries and information provided in the entry
system. Where events are banded this information will be declared in the draw.


Senior / Masters events: £10 per seat.          Junior events: £6 per seat.          Coxes – no charge


Entry fees can be made paid through BROE or made directly to South Yorkshire Head.

No crews will be permitted to race before payment has been received.



Event Secretary:     Donald McDougall     07419 742510

Entries Secretary:  Meri Middleton     07394 174899

Further information, including the Safety Plan, competitor instructions, directions and the draw will be posted below:

Conditions of Entry:

  • The Race is open to all club and composite crews and is held under British Rowing Rules of Racing.

  • This is a demanding event and crews and their coxswains must be sufficiently competent to race.
    Anyone whom the marshals consider is not competent will not be allowed to race.


  • All competitors must ensure that they have and are wearing adequate, warm clothing and should take these with them in the boat for the waits at the start and finish

  • Competitors whom the marshals deem to be inadequately dressed will not be allowed to boat.


  • Clubs must ensure that all boats entered in the race have sufficient buoyancy to ensure all crew members are adequately protected in the event of either a swamping or capsizing of the boat.



  • Entries should be made through the BROE online system. Payments can be made by bank transfer (please ask for details) or through the BROE online system. Entries close at 3:00pm on Saturday, 1st February 2020 (or earlier if event is over subscribed) Payment must be received by Wednesday, 5th February.

  • A minimum of two entries from two different clubs are required to form an event. If insufficient entries are received, the entries will be placed in the next status or age group for the class of boat unless an alternative is clearly stated. Entrants for Junior events should indicate if they are NOT willing to be moved to a Senior Category if there are insufficient entries in their nominated Junior event. Please use the comments facility on BROE to flag up if a change of status is a possibility. Please provide contact phone numbers, {daytime and evening).


  • Beginner events are aimed at those new to the sport, high ranking entries will be rejected

  • Entry fees are not refundable once the draw is published. In the event of the race being cancelled by the Race Committee, in whole or in part, the Race Committee will consider the refund of entry fees to crews in categories not raced.


  • We will make every effort to ensure that any doubling-up has been catered for, but it is the competitors’responsibility to be at the start on time.


  • Competitors must be ready to proceed to the landing stages at least 10 minutes before the boating time stated on the Start Order Schedule. Crews will be called to the landings in reverse start order.


  • Competitors must provide their own boats and blades. All boats should have “Empacher” slots.


  • Clubs are reminded that it is their responsibility to insure and licence their equipment.


  • Coxes requiring dead weights must bring their own, clearly identifiable, weights. Coxes will not be weighed before their race. However, the weight of coxes of crews may be checked after the race.


  • Racing licence presentation may be requested prior to racing, crew substitution, or prize giving.


  • Every effort shall be made to accommodate Adaptive entries. Please contact the Entries Secretary for specific requirements.


  • The Race Committee reserve the right to alter the list of entries after publication. Every reasonable effort shall be made to ensure all entries are able to race.

  • Prize giving will take place after all racing is finished, although any early winners may collect their prizes from Race Control before then.

Event Documents:

Results by Event

List of Winners

Event Poster

Safety Plan

Competitor Instructions

Start List with Boating Times

Course map