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Doncaster Schools’ Rowing Association

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Doncaster Schools' Rowing Association caters for a broad spectrum of abilities with Juniors 11 -
18. Being a member of DSRA is not just about rowing, it's also about being part of a team,
making friends and fitness.

Our dedicated coaching team aims to introduce young people to the sport of rowing in a safe
and secure environment.

Doncaster Schools' Rowing Association Coaching Team.

Adrian Pogmore (Level 2 Club Coach)
Carol McGlone (Level 2 Club Coach)
Liam Baker (Level 2 Session Coach)
Phil Allam (Level 2 Session Coach)
Zoe Whitaker  (Level 2 Session Coach)
Natalia Colodi  (Level 2 Session Coach)

The Junior squad has 3 levels:



(All ages) This is where all Juniors start. The initial aim of this group is to improve
general fitness and learn the basic sculling techniques together with instilling an
understanding of water safety. Once the basics are mastered they will start to learn the more
technical aspects of rowing. While they are in this group they will also have the opportunity, if
they wish, to compete at events.



(Year 10 and above) This group is where our Juniors build on the skills they have
already gained by further refining their technical ability on the water. Technical
skills are
paramount to the development of good effective rowing and take time to develop fully. Fitness,
core strength and flexibility are also important and are an integral part of training for both
Rowing and Sculling. Juniors in this group can compete at events if they wish.


(Year 11 and above). This is a dedicated group of Juniors that want to compete at
events regularly. They train up to 4 days a week and their training programme includes a balanced
blend of indoor rowing, weights, core, circuits and water sessions. Their goal is to compete at
the top national events such as The National Schools Regatta, The British Junior
Championships and Henley Royal Regatta.

To progress through these groups coaches take into consideration all aspects of a Junior's
commitment, ability, behaviour and attitude. Those who want to and the coaches believe have
the ability to will be invited to progress to the next group.

The Junior Development Officer/Coordinator Adrian Pogmore can be contacted by
email or tel 07950 735004

DSRA Safety plan

DSRA Safety plan

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