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Bradford Sprint Regatta 2019 Results

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

11 Junior and 3 Senior wins make a bumper haul for Doncaster Schools Rowing Association and Doncaster Rowing Club at BradfordSprint Regatta

This years Bradford Regatta saw us out performing all of our local rivals with 11 junior and 3 senior wins.

The Regatta hosted by Bradford Amateur Rowing Club is raced over 600m downstream on the River Aire, Saltaire, Shipley.

Doncaster Schools Rowing Association winners:

WJ13 x  - Erin Shillito

J13 2x  - Tyler Green and Ben Barnes

J13 4x+  - Zach Hague, Tyler Green, Ben Barnes Erin Shillito and Sam Pogmore as cox

WJ15 1x  - Casey Green

J15 1x  - Luke Shillito

WJ15 2x  - Milly Barnes and Gracie Bagilhole

J16 1x  - Sam Pogmore

W 1x  - Casey Green

O 1x - Jack Plummer

O 2x - Jack Plummer and Finn Eden

O 4+ - Sam Pogmore, Finn Eden, Ben Pogmore and Jack Plummer with Erin Shillito as cox

Doncaster Rowing Club winners:

WMas 4+ - Carol McGlone, Zoe Whitaker, Heather Whitnall, Helen Jones

WMas 4x+ - Carol McGlone, Val Jones, Dilys Noble, Heather Whitnall and Sue Fisher as cox

Mx 4x- - Phil Haigh, Helen Jones, Zoe Whitaker, Dan Jones

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